ABK Music is the artistic agency. We have two main purposes. Export and promote Kazakhstan and Central Asian Talents in Europe and North America. Production of European and North Americans artists in Central Asia through agreements with independent labels on these areas.


Remember that Structura  has an international vocation that is reflected through the origin of members of the group (French - Kazakh - Russian - Ukrainian). Its repertoire is given in three main languages: French, Russian and English. The band's French-Kazakh singer Aida Kaly also occasionally sings in Italian and Spanish.

Life sometimes brings us exceptional moments. This new approach to music is the result of a chance encounter between Aida Kaly who was looking for musicians and other members of the group ... All had in common the same musical culture and the same attraction for authentic blues and rock and classics. The desire to create a group in this spirit was omnipresent and common.

They did it.

Very quickly, they realized that they had within  Structura  and its entourage all the required skills: musical composition, lyrics, arrangement, sound and light techniques, knowledge of the international environment, etc.

The major ideas that characterize their music are:

• Authentic and classic clean blues rock

• A true melodic line

• Topics addressed and words that take into account the vagaries of society and the feelings of the public

• A specific musical signature

• An exceptional rhythmic base.

Bernard KREBS, French, resident in Kazakhstan, the manager and the artistic agent (registered in France) of the band has a great experience of the world of blues-rock music in France and Europe. He acquired this expertise when he was the program director of a major radio station in France (Lagadère Group). This radio associated with a tour production company organized concerts with all the legendary rock bands at this time.


The STRUCTURA group is composed of Marat TURSPEKOV (guitar), Jan AZAMATOV (guitar), Igor PEKHOTSKY (bass), Andrey VASSIN (drums) and Aida KALY (vocal). The lyrics in Russian are from Aida Kaly the singer of the group. Her son Almas Kussembayev is the author of the English texts and Bernard Krebs of the French texts.


Aida KALY sings in 5 languages. she is a talented Singer, irresistible and sensual, really at ease in live and in concert. She performs accompanied by the group STRUCTURA in a very particular repertoire that goes from classical to rock. She is also an actress and features in the credits of international films.
The third of five children in the family, Aida KALY was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during the Soviet Union era.
Aida completed her school studies by graduating as an economist at the university, but she was made for light, stage and music. Any party or event was an excuse for Aida to sing along with the guitar.
The period following the fall of the Soviet Union and the declaration of Kazakhstan's independence will be very difficult. Economic chaos, mafia rule, delinquency. She decides to leave her country and settles in France in Paris then in Nice. She obtains French nationality. Aida will then attend the Russian Conservatory Rachmaninov in Paris where she takes lessons in singing and piano.
Aida KALY is then back in Kazakhstan and is divided between her country of origin and her adopted country. This will be the main theme of a musical inspired by his life:
"Between two chairs".
After all these years, for Aida KALY, the legend begins ...

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